About Us

cPerfecto group is a family-owned private organization providing solution since 2015. We started as a small company to obtain supplies tenders with the Government. Later on, we expanded our services to corporate clients and then moved into other industries by new ventures. We entered the world of e-commerce to complete our promise of providing the best products to everyone. We partnered with multinationals to serve our customers without the limitations of the borders. At present, we have presence in Pakistan, UAE, and USA.


cPerfecto will be the first choice to obtain products and services by not only multinational corporations around the globe but an individual consumer. We will be one of the few organizations to ensure sustainable business practices.


cPerfecto provides solution to every problem which arises today for consumers and businesses. We prefer environmental safely products to help save our planet from global warming. We are doing our best to serve you the best.

CEO’s Message:

The world is changing at a rapid rate which propose new challenges everyday. Recently, the pandemic wave has affected the entire world. We at cPerfecto group ensure that our client’s get every possible solution to their needs in every situation and exceptional services. We treat every client with highest dedication and responsibility. Our client’s continue to trust us by their loyalty and recommendations.

Recently, one of our ventures, ASK legal was incorporated to provide reliable and best legal services to our existing and new clients in Pakistan. Soon we will

We also expanded our financial services such as audit services, management consultancy and investment portfolio services to the clients in the Middle East region. Soon we will be expanding our services to other parts of the world.

Dr.Syed Soban Abbas Kazmi 

Our Directors:

Director Accounts:
Dr.Syed Arslan Abbas Kazmi
Chartered Accountant
Director Legal:
Dr.Syed Aayan Abbas Kazmi
Advocate High Court 
Member High Court Bar.

Finding A Permanent Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

Since 2015, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Consumer And Providing Reliable Products To Serve Them All.

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